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Come take on the outdoors like a true Ranger!


About Camp Tanase

We believe the most impactful acts start small and are fueled by passion. When two Tennessee State Park Rangers began to dream up Camp Tanase, they started with just an idea for a summer camp fueled by their passion for sharing our parks with growing minds. Camp Tanase is now a loved overnight camp for boys and girls ages 10-14 held at Montgomery Bell State Park. "Tanase" is a variation of the Cherokee word Tanasi that means "meeting place." It's our mission at Camp Ta­nase to provide a meeting place within our park in which campers can come together to relax, learn and grow. We believe that summers are meant for outdoor adventures, cooling off in the lake, and sparking friendships around the campfire that will last for years to come. We don't just lead traditional camp activities, we spend time teaching each camper the skills they need to take on the great outdoors like a true Park Ranger. Through activities such as survival skills, first aid, hiking, and more, your camper will learn how to be a leader for themselves, others, and our beautiful Tennessee State Parks.





Our Mission

We believe that all of our campers can embrace who they are,
build strong relationships, and become passionate ambassadors for our beautiful parks.



Want more info? Download our camp information guide.

Our Mission

Camp Tanase upholds the values of outdoor culture, history, and nature.  We promote good stewardship of Tennessee State Parks by teaching our campers the love of recreation and sustainability.

Our Vision

The vision of Camp Tanase is to become a place of growth, self-discovery, and education for all campers for years to come. We envision a community where children will grow to learn what it takes to be a leader for themselves, others, and our natural world.

Our Parks

One of our main priorities at Camp Tanase is to get our campers to love and care about our Tennessee State Parks (TSP). During camp they will be surrounded by the beauty and nature that our state parks have to offer. They will be able to learn a lot about conservation and the importance of caring for our environment. We hope that they will remember these lessons when they go home and share them with others after camp is over. 


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