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Meet our Staff

Your first look at the amazing Rangers and staff that keep Camp Tanase going strong.


Our Rangers, Montgomery Bell State Park staff, and trained volunteers are our biggest pride and what makes Camp Tanase so special. Their experience, passion, and adventurous spirits inspire campers and foster a community unlike any other. Each camp counselor is paired up with ten campers on the first day of camp. The counselors will get to know each camper and look after them during cabin time and traveling to-and-from activities. Scroll down to meet a few of our Rangers that will be on staff this summer!

Hello! My name is Destiny and I am a Park Ranger at Montgomery Bell State Park! I love sharing my passion for conservation and the outdoors with park guests as a Tennessee State Park Ranger. I enjoy hunting and fishing with my husband and we are excited to introduce our son to the outdoors.  


If you could only choose one activity to participate in at Camp Tanase, which would you choose?



IMG_6535 (1).jpg
Montgomery Bell State Park Ranger
Destiny Adcox
Emily Welker
Interpretation & Education

Hello, My name is Emily and I am a middle school Science teacher. I previously worked with Tennessee State Parks for 7 years. As a member of the Tennessee State Parks team, I had the opportunity to go on many adventures in the great outdoors across our beautiful state. 



What aspect of camp are you most excited about?

I am very excited to be a part of more adventures and memories at Camp Tanase where we strive to inspire wonder, adventure, and a love for the outdoors.

Hey, my name is Jeremy. I have been working for Tennessee State Parks for 20 years and been a ranger for 15. Being a Tennessee State Park Ranger is the greatest job in the world because of all the great people I meet and the beautiful places I get to help protect. I'm looking forward to meeting all the campers and watching them learn and grow from experiencing all the great programs and activities.


What inspired you to become a Park Ranger?


I was inspired to become a ranger by the rangers I met on vacations growing up. Who knows maybe one or two of our campers will be inspired so much by the experience that they want to become a Park Ranger one day.

Cummins Falls State Park Ranger
Jeremy Vaden
Heather Spiva
Tennessee State Parks Marketing

My name is Heather Spiva and I have worked for Tennessee State Parks for 4 years. I love being able to connect people with the outdoors-especially our beautiful Tennessee State Parks. In my free time I enjoy traveling, running, and being outdoors!


What inspired you to work for Tennessee State Parks?


Growing up my family and I spent a lot of quality time camping and adventuring at Tennessee State Parks. I always loved the programs that were done by the Rangers and I knew I had to do something like that when I grew up. I am so lucky to have the career I do and I hope Camp Tanase sparks the love for the outdoors in our campers!

Hello, My name is Mark Houston.  I work at Cumberland Mountain State Park.  I enjoy all sporting activities including hiking, water sports, and mostly basketball.


What are you looking forward to most at Camp Tanase?


I look forward to spending many hours educating campers and learning from the amazing rangers who will attend the camp.  The activity that I look forward to most would be the campfire sessions.  I want to tell ghost stories and hear the tales from everyone at the camp.  

Mark Houston.jpeg
Mark Houston
Cumberland Mountain State Park Ranger
Hobart Akin
Tennessee State Park Historian

My name is Hobart and I am the Historian for Tennessee State Parks. I love learning and teaching others about the rich history of Tennessee! I'm excited about sharing my passion for history with all our campers this summer. A fun fact about me is, that I am a nationally ranked atlatl thrower!


What was your favorite part about summer camp when you were a kid?


My favorite part about summer camp was the time spent around the campfire. Often we would tell stories and sing as lighting bugs filled the night sky. 

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