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Camp Culture

Here at Camp Tanase we support each other in all things. We believe that a strong community creates an environment of self-discovery, character building, and the freedom to explore.

Culture at Camp Tanase


Camp Tanase started as an idea between two rangers while at Mongomery Bell State Park. They imagined a place for kids to experience the great outdoors alongside those who have made it their career. An outdoor adventure activity based camp, Tanase holds the key to unlocking each child's adventurous spirit. Camp Tanase thrives thanks to the help of our Rangers, Montgomery Bell State Park Staff, and trained volunteer camp counselors passion and adventurous spirits. It's our mission, and the mission of our staff, to instill in every camper the same values of integrity, honesty, and preservation that Camp Tanase was built upon.

Camp Groups

While at camp, each camper will be placed into a group that they will hang out with for the week. Each group will serve as a home base for the campers. They will travel to and from activities together to foster a team mentality and encourage the campers to get to know one another. There will be approximately ten campers and one counselor in each group. We wanted to honor the Cherokee name Tanasi and named each group after one of the seven Cherokee clans. The group names are:

Deer (a-ni-a-ha-wi)

Bird (a-ni-tsi-s-qua)

Longhair (a-ni-gi-lo-hi)

Wild Potato (a-ni-go-da-ge-wi)

Blue (a-ni-sa-ho-ni)

Paint (a-ni-wo-di).


If your camper has a birthday while at camp, He/she will receive a special treat from the camp staff! We love to celebrate by singing happy birthday at meals.


"Clash of the Cabins"
During the Clash of the Cabins camp Olympics, each group competes in field games. 

Camp out night!
The whole camp is packing up for an adventure.
We'll grab our tents and sleeping bags and head out to our destination on the trails of Montgomery Bell State Park where we will cook dinner around the campfire and sleep under the stars.

Camp Graduation and Badges

After a long week at camp learning and exploring, campers achieve goals that we think deserve some recognition. On Saturday, July 20th, campers will be individually recognized for their strengths and achievements during camp. Our camp staff will present each camper with a certificate. The certificate represents their knowledge and growth gained at camp as well as their dedication to protecting our parks. 

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